DIY $5 Wall Mount Bottle Opener


Wall mount bottle openers are really handy and fit perfectly with the man cave decor. I was doing a little electrical work the other day and noticed that the box I was using looked like a perfect cap catcher. The $0.39 electrical box, a reclaimed piece of oak from a pallet, a bottle opener, and a little paint and you can have your very own catcher. Total cost was about $5.

You can download a PDF of these instructions here: DIY Bottle Opener.PDF

DIY Bottle Opener for $5

Tools Needed:

Saw – To cut the wood

Drill – To drill holes and drive mounting screws.

Hammer – To mount electrical box



Electrical Box-These are called “new work” boxes and have the nails already in them. They come in a variety of colors (blue, tan, grey). You can get them at home depot or any hardware store.

Bottle Opener – You can buy them off Amazon for as little as $3.

Wood – 14” x 5.25” x .75” I salvaged mine from an old pallet.

Screws – Drywall screws to mount the opener to the wall. You can also glue rare earth magnets to the back so you can stick it to your fridge or kegerator.

DIY Bottle Opener


  1. Cut a piece of wood 5 ¼” x 14” and sand smooth.
  2. Spray paint the wood with white paint. Let dry completely.
  3. Spray the top coat a different color (we used a slate blue).
  4. To give it a rustic look, use sand paper to rough up the edges and expose the white paint.DIY Bottle Opener
  5. Drill two holes in the plaque for mounting it to the wall. We put one behind the opener to hide it and the other below the electrical box.
  6. Nail the electrical box to the bottom. Trim nails if they go through the back. NOTE: If you use a hardwood like oak, use a drill slightly smaller than the nails to pre-drill holes for the nails so they go in easier.    

    DIY Bottle Opener for $5                                     
  7. Screw the opener to the top.
    DIY Bottle Opener
  8. Use stencils or rub on lettering to decorate it with your favorite beer saying or name.
  9. Pop the top off a few beers to verify operation. This should be done on a consistent basis to make sure it continues to function properly.DIY Bottle Opener