About us

Welcome to Custom Brew Gear! When you shop here, you are supporting an American family run business who makes their products right here in Oregon. Custom Brew Gear sets itself apart from the competition with guaranteed quality of construction, fast turnaround times on our custom products, and a robust return policy. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will work harder than anyone to ensure that is the case. 

We are proud to make personalized and custom items for the home brewer, craft brewery, winery or beer and wine enthusiast in your life. 

We started out building custom tap handles for friends and neighbors. Based on their positive input and encouragement, we decided to launch our online store Custombrewgear.com.  Things grew quickly and now Custom Brew Gear makes much more than tap handles. We believe that custom bar accessories, with a personalized logo on it, like a really cool tap handle, bar sign, menu board, or many other items can be and should be made quickly and at a reasonable price. Read what customers are saying about their experience with us.


When it comes to starting your own brewery, the process requires a ton of time and investment. We know what it’s like to be a startup! Your entrepreneurial spirit is strong, but you’re still on a budget. The good news is, you're not the first person to feel this way, and the team here at Custom Brew Gear is on your side. With the best skills, tools and support, we will help make your journey not only successful but fun!

Do you have a design or an idea of the overall aesthetic and themes of your new brewery? Branding and expression of your breweries personality and products leads to strong customer loyalty and return visits. Custom Brew Gear understands the benefits of having custom bar accessories, unique from your competitors and easy to remember, like custom tap handles, personalized signage, branded drinkware, and growlers for in-store purchase so they can take a piece of your brewery experience with them.

Many manufacturers require large minimum orders before tap handles can be purchased at a reasonable price. Whether you need one handle or fifty, we can work with you to get the personalized pieces you need. 


We sell standard and branded items for breweries, tap houses, wineries and more. Fill out our Wholesale Application to request access to special items and pricing!