5 Things You Need To Host The Perfect End of Summer Party

Summer is nearing an end, but don’t be sad, celebrate! Baseball teams are chasing for shot at the postseason, College Football has just kicked off, and the NFL is back with a vengeance. Before the weather changes and becomes cold and brisk, it’s time for one more Summer celebration. Here’s how to throw the best end-of-summer celebration: Tiki Edition.


Customizable Tiki Tap Handle

Drinks are going to be essential, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Getting a mix of beer, sparkling water, and choosing a themed cocktail will provide the perfect blend of everyone’s favorites to keep you hydrated as you party it up. If you’ve got a keg, try going for one of the tiki tap handles from Custom Brew Gear for a fun twist on the traditional tap handle. The colors pop and the thematic style of the tiki tap handle will set this party off right!


During COVID times, it’s important to be cognizant of touching and spreading germs. That’s why stick/skewer foods are a good option. Whether you do a charcuterie bite on a toothpick, mini corn dogs, or kebabs… something you can grab just one of is very important. That goes for post-COVID too, just to be as clean and health-conscious as possible. Also, there’s less cleanup at the end of the night for you. Win win!


Custom Tiki Bar Sign

Theme parties tend to drive the most excitement, and the décor is a key part of the atmosphere you create at your party. We’re throwing a tiki party here, so let’s go for leis, grass skirts, palm trees, coconuts, and, of course, a custom tiki bar sign for your outdoor bar area. This one by Custom Brew Gear is customizable and so bright and colorful. Hang this with some tropical flowers and a green backdrop and you’ve got yourself a tiki party to end all tiki parties.


Whether you make your own playlist or find one online, the music really sets the mood for your party. You have to have a good mix of oldies, new hits, and thematic songs. “Lime in the Coconut,” “Limbo Rock,” and “Macarena” are some good tiki themed songs to include for your end of summer blowout. Pump up the jams and get the party going!


You’ve got to have guests! And who better to invite than your best friends. You can split a keg with them, throw on the tunes, and have a good time. Friends are the #1 key ingredient to having a good time. Then comes beer! These two combined are sure to get you pumped about the end of summer and the start of a new season.

Custom Tiki Handle

There are so many things to look forward to in fall: porters, lagers, football, cinnamon scented things… we could go on. But just because a new season is on the way, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate what’s left of this one. A tiki party is just what you need to reminisce about this summer and what the rest of the year has in store for you. Don’t forget to pick up all your kegerator and home bar accessories at CustomBrewGear.com and let’s get this party started!