5 Awesome Tap Handles for Your Home Bar or Kegerator

Building a home bar or installing a kegerator can be a lot of fun, and there are some fantastic options for personalizing it with custom tap handles. Gone are the days when you lived with the small black handles that come on many kegerators. Now you can enjoy laser engraved or full color taps that are customized with your choice of text and images. Many even come with chalkboards to write what’s currently on tap. Below are a few of the best ones:


Personalized Laser Engraved Tap with Choice of Images

Laser Engraved Personalized Beer Tap

This top selling beer tap is available in cherry or walnut wood and features a highly detailed laser engraved logo. You can choose what text you’d like in each location as well as select from over nine graphics for the bottom logo area. Popular graphic choices include hops and a beer stein, but a close second are the fish, deer, or football! You can choose to have the logo laser engraved just the front or on the front and back. It also has chalkboards on two sides to write what you is currently on tap.


Star and Shotgun Shell Edition Custom Beer Taps for you Kegerator

Star Edition Custom Beer Tap Handle

Similar to the beer tap above, these tap handles have a much more western themed logo and feature a metal star, shotgun, or buffalo head nickel on the bottom. The rustic metal pieces really add depth and character to the taps. They’re also available in walnut or cherry and have chalkboards on two sides.


Beer Tap Handle with Changeable Logo

Changeable Logo Beer Tap Handle

If you have your own logo or want the option to change the logo yourself, then this tap handle is perfect. It has a removable clear acrylic face so you can print your own logos and install them on the tap. The four screws that hold the clear cover on are easily removed, making logo switching a snap.  The chalkboard insert is recessed in the handle for a perfect fit, and the chrome ferrule on the bottom finishes off the tap handle. When you print your logo, you can use the clear acrylic cover piece as a template to cut it out. Don’t have your own logo? You can customize three different beer logos for free and print them at home.


Full Color Personalized Beer Tap-Banner Edition

Personalized Color Beer Tap Handle -Banner Logo

If you want a full color custom tap for your home bar, look no further. There are many to choose from, but one our favorites is the banner edition tap. The large banner logo is available in three different colors and has three text areas that can be customized. Best of all, it has laser engraved sides and a chalkboard on the front! These are also available in walnut or cherry.


Classic Logo Full Color Custom Beer Tap

Personalized Color Beer Tap Handle -Classic Logo

A close second for our favorite personalized color tap is the classic logo edition. The large logo is reminiscent of classic beer logos and offer fantastic contrast for easy readability, and there are three text locations that can be customized with your own text. These too are available in walnut or cherry and have the chalkboard. The sides are deeply laser engraved with “Craft Beer”, adding to the classic look.