Personalized Wooden Wall Mount Bottle Opener-Printed Edition

Personalized Wooden Wall Mount Bottle Opener, Rustic Bottle Opener- Printed Edition

Our rustic wooden bottle openers can be personalized so they make the perfect gift for groomsmen, best man, or the beer lover in your life. Because they're wood, they're perfect for that five-year anniversary gift! The detailed logos are printed directly on the wood and personalized with your choice of text.
You can either set the opener on a counter or mount it to the wall with the longer screws that are provided.
These custom bottle openers are also made from lumber harvested off our property, and we only harvest the trees that have died from drought or fallen in storms.

-Personalized detailed printed logo
-Bottle opener and catching tray
-Choice of two stain colors
-Long screws provided to mount to wall (they go through the existing opener holes)
-Made from fir trees off our property that have died or fallen in storms.

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