Cap Saver Bottle Opener


The Cap Saver bottle opener is a must have for the beer lover or bottle cap collector in your life. Not only does it function as a great bottle opener, it keeps the bottle caps from deforming like they do when standard openers are used. The comfortable handle is easy to grip and also features a magnet and a strap so you can hang it anywhere. These are perfect for for the kitchen, bar, man cave, or tailgating party.

Key Features:

-Easy To Use -The Cap Saver bottle opener is easy to use. Simply place it over the bottle, hook it under the cap and press down.

-Doesn't Bend Bottle Caps - Whether you're saving bottle caps or using them in bottle cap maps, this opener works great because it doesn't deform the bottle caps like standard openers do.

-Hang it Anywhere - The Cap Saver bottle opener has both a strap and a strong magnet so you can hang your opener anywhere. Got a nail, got a'll hang.

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