Retro Beer Tap with Working Dial and Chalkboard


  • Beautiful beer tap handle made in the USA from cherry wood
  • Rustic appearance and durable craftsmanship for life-long use
  • Embedded chalkboard to display the day’s brew
  • Working dial to select the beer type
  • Perfect addition to your kegerator or bar

This beautiful, solid wood tap handle is part of our signature collection of brew accessories, perfect for the keen home brewer. The Dial Edition is skillfully crafted from cherry wood and finished with multiple coats of high-quality lacquer to protect it from nicks and scratches and to lend a polished yet rustic appearance.

This personalized beer tap handle features a movable dial to select the beer type and a chalkboard where you can write the name or brand–a versatile element that reminds you or lets your customers know what brew is on the day’s menu. The chalkboard is recessed in the handle for a perfect fit and the chrome ferrule at the base gives it a refined finish. This is a perfect accessory for those wishing to enhance the appearance of their kegerator or bar–it will give your bar an retro feel of wood bar tables and fresh, crisp brew on tap, without the peanut shells on the floor! So bottoms up!

Dimensions: 10” long X 3.5” wide X .875” thick

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