Beer Tap Handle With Chalkboard and Changeable Logo (Maple)

These taps incorporate everything you need to make your kegerator stand out. This includes:

  • The beautiful maple wood is sprayed with a clear furniture grade lacquer for a fantastic look and protection.
  • The removable logo plate allows you to place your own logo behind the plate for a professional looking tap. Your beer tap handle can have your very own custom logo. Simply print your beer logo and use the acrylic plate as a template to cut it to shape. Unscrew the plate and reinstall with your printed logo behind it.
  • The tap handle comes with three different decals for the front of the tap. These include a hop, craft beer, and a home brewed decal, so the home brewer, or craft beer enthusiast can have they’re pic.
  • The huge chalkboard area is 4.5” x 2.5” giving you plenty of room to write what on tap in your kegerator.
  • Size: 10"x2.8"x.8"

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